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The 45th Annual Dixie Convention and Show was held in Tampa, Florida, on April 19 - 21, 2001.


Berth shown by Phyllis King
Best Standard/Best in Show Bertha shown by Phyllis King

LAST DAY - DAY THREE April 21st Workshops and Awards Banquet

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Phyllis King presenting Workshop on Container Gardens
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Mollie Howell presenting Workshop on Terrariums
Davs3d.JPG (15524 bytes)
Dottie Cesario presenting Workshop on Cyberviolets
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Phyllis King and Bertha
Davs3f.JPG (12200 bytes)
Susan Barbi and Myrt Sisler
Davs3e.JPG (17474 bytes)
Myrt's Famous Cheese Sticks

DAY TWO April 20th Show Judging and OPENING

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Kathy Spissman's Workshop on Streptacarpus
Davs2a.JPG (15489 bytes)
Kathy Spissman's Workshop (Plant Giveaway)
Berth shown by Phyllis King
Best Standard/Best in Show Bertha shown by Phyllis King
Davs2c.JPG (14778 bytes)
2nd Best in Show Pixie Show-off shown by Phyllis King
Davs2d.JPG (14663 bytes)
3rd Best in Show/Best Semiminiture Dean's Bunny Blue shown by Phyllis King
Davs2e.JPG (13291 bytes)
Best Gesneriad Streptocarpus species 99-033 Madagascar shown by Gary Gordon
Davs2f.JPG (14354 bytes)
Best Species Saintpaulia grandifolia # 299 shown by Joyce Stenger
Davs2g.JPG (10379 bytes)
Best Miniature Aly's Blizzard Bunny shown by Christel Collier
Davs2h.JPG (11874 bytes)
Best Design Class 82 Cock-A-Doodle-Do shown by Phyllis King
Davs2i.JPG (13733 bytes)
2nd Best Design Class 79 Dixie Doodle Dandy shown by Phyllis King
Davs2j.JPG (9178 bytes)
3rd Best Design Class 85 I'm an Old Doodlehand shown by Phyllis King
Davs2l.JPG (17758 bytes)
Best Education and AVSA Information Table shown by Jim Smith
Davs2k.JPG (17275 bytes)
The public response to our show was outstanding
Davs2m.JPG (17190 bytes)
We had 282 horticulture and 51 design exhibits from 36 exhibitors

DAY ONE April 19th Commercial Setup/Sales, Tour of Crowley Nursery and Selby Gardens, and Entries Process

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